Photography by Danny Casey

In July of 2016, the ABC’s Four Corners aired footage it had obtained from inside the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre. The footage shocked the nation. However, as Australians, some of us were certainly sickened, but not shocked or surprised at all. Given that we are getting good now at taking 40,000 years of unbroken civilisation and culture, and reducing it to a small, dark, and dank prison cell. By doing this, we make sure that each generation of young Indigenous kids is a little weaker than the last. I can't even imagine the sadness and despair that has dogged these activists throughout their lives. In saying that, what I saw on Saturday was a rich, vibrant community and culture, that was made up of young and old activists alike. Successful actresses, actors, musicians, dancers and thinkers. Yet now we have gone and ripped their hearts out once again. These photos are from Saturday 31st of July, during a 13-hour protest.